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May 02 2015

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Clarke Griffin Week > Day 2:  favorite quotes
“I’m trying. I’m trying all the time, but everyone is counting on me and it’s so hard.“

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the 100 meme: one/six quotes

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favorite character meme: three emotions | anger, happiness and sadness. 
  ↳ the world will try to convince you that
      feelings make you weak but fuck that
     never let this cruel world steal your spark.

May 01 2015

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I’ve accepted the fact that I post too many selfies and that it’s okay

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Dianna Agron photographed by James Phillips
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day one: the moment you fell in love with Clarke
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Natasha Negovanlis as Sallie Gardiner in The March Family Letters.
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My friend said I looked very kissable today 👄💕

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Dianna’s freshness is genuine, with an enthusiasm so contagious that I feel sure audiences will be charmed by her.” - David Shaw-Parker on Dianna Agron
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Dianna Agron is asked to sign a drawing of her as Quinn Fabray on the carpet at Oliviers Awards 2015
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What if birthmarks are the places that actually killed us in our past life? Like there’s this girl from school whose birthmark is a line on her neck. What if her throat was cut? I know this guy who has his birthmark on his whole left cheek. What if he was shot? My little sisters birthmark is a line straight down her stomach. What if she died on the operating table?

I have one on my balls what does that mean

You had some killer sex.

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i’ve got a potty mouth, absolutely. it doesn’t sound very ladylike. i call it the thunder bay accent.

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clarke standing her ground // lexa getting backed into a table

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